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Video Tutorial:

Watch how you can grant access to users and apply privileges to their accounts here 

Click here to watch how to import users in bulk


Users can be added to your Capium subscription and they will then have access to a separate workspace within Capium.

To add a user please head to My Admin, then click on users, and then click the blue new user button.

The following pop up will appear

Please fill out the information or alternatively select one of your contacts under the contact drop down list

There are 3 types of user classifications:-

Accountant - Will have access to all areas apart from billing areas

Staff  - You can provide/restrict access to modules and/or clients based on your requirements

Client - You can provide access to your clients to enhance collaboration by granting access to particular sections of 

Capium such as BookkeepingPayrollCapium Hub. This helps getting data much quicker from your clients.

Note - you will need to create a password which they will use to login with once you've created their user access.

Please click save to add the user

When a user is added you will then be able to apply permissions

Please click the edit button next to a user

The permissions will vary depending on whether the user is an accountant, staff or client


All modules will be accessible to an accountant, you can choose the clients the accountant sees, alternatively they can be the client manager for the clients. Accountants can also allocate Bank Feeds to the clients, as well as provide Hub Access. 

Checking auto assign means any new clients created the accountant will automatically be able to access the client


As a super-accountant you will be able to assign clients and different modules to staff users. 

Without the module access being ticketed that staff member will not see that prescribed module.


For a client to access their data please click the companies they can view. This could be both their individual client and their company.

Under the module permissions the client will have automatic access to Capium Hub Webpage 

You can also give them access to areas of bookkeeping, MTD and payroll. This is not read only access.