Navigation - Bookkeeping Dashboard > Select Client > Bank > Dashboard (Select Bank or Create new) > Bank Import button 

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Bank transactions can be imported into Capium using 3 different methods; (1) Manual Entry, (2) CSV (Comma Separated Values) & (3) Bank Feeds. In this guide, we will look at how to import your bank transactions using a CSV File. 

Once in the client-specific Bank workspace click on 'Bank Import' and you will be re-directed to the page below. Here you will be presented with the 3 step process to perform a successful Import;

1. Download CSV Template

2. Populate the file with appropriate transactions

3. Re-upload the file back into Capium

Additionally, refer to the 'Available Fields' section on the same page, it will provide clear guidance on what needs to be included in the file and the required format of the data.

Confirming Transactions to be imported

Upon Importing the transactions to Capium (step 3), you will need to review the data to confirm and finalise the import.

To view how to create bank imports watch this video

Alternatively click on the attached PDF.