Location: Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > Sales > Recurring Invoice

A recurring invoice is a type of invoicing in which you can automatically charge a customer for goods or services at regular intervals.

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Entering Sales-Recurring Invoice details

You need to fill in the following details to create a Recurring Invoice:

  • Customer name: Select a desired name from the drop-down

  • Repeat After: Set the frequency as per your requirement i.e. Monthly or Weekly

  • Reference: It can be given as desired

  • Date: The date has to be set as the date on which the Recurring Invoice will be created.

  • Due Date: It is a date on which the Invoice payment will become due.

  • Next Due Date: It shows the date on which the Invoice will be regenerated.

  • Now you need to fill in the details and click on save to create a Recurring Invoice.


To view and create invoices watch the video below or click on the attached PDF.