Location: Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > Sales > Items

Watch the video here to watch how to create a sales item

Click here to watch how to import a list of sales items


Item is a product in the business which can be sold to the customer.

This section lists the various items for which the company deals. 

  • The Import button lets you Import the Item list. As you click on this button it will redirect you to Import Items Page. You need to choose a CSV file from your system and upload the same.
  • Make sure you map the columns accordingly. Also, you can take the help by downloading a Sample Template file from the software. 
  • The History Tab shows the various CSV files imported with details such as file name, 
  • No. of record inserted, Imported on and delete. 
  • The search column enables you to search a particular item and as you will click on Export it will download a CSV file of all the items.

An Item can be added by clicking on the ‘+Item” button. The following Pop-up appears where you need to fill in the details as per requirement.