Navigation - Payroll Dashboard > Select Client > Settings > Employee YTD > 'Import YTD' button

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Employee YTD information can be imported directly into Capium through the Payroll module and upon a successful import, the information will accurately reflect within each employee's details.

Head to the YTD section by following the navigation above. You can also click the link to be directed there (you will need to be signed in)

Once you click on 'Import YTD' you will be directed to the client import screen - there you will need to follow the guidance provided on the left panel of the page;

1. Download the CSV template provided

2. Populate the file with your client data

3. Upload the file back into Capium

Also take note of the 'Available Fields' section on the right-hand side as that will provide clear guidance as to what data is mandatory and what isn't when importing the YTD information.

Click here to watch how to import YTD data as a bulk