Location: Bookkeeping module> Client Dashboard > Quick Entry 

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Quick Entry is a function within Bookkeeping, designed for bulk processing of Receipts and Payments. To enter transactions, click the +Quick Entry button on the top left. You can also perform a bulk import using the CSV Template provided when you click 'Import' button.

Upon clicking on +Quick Entry button, a new popup screen will appear (shown below). There, you will be required to populate the fields which include Entry Type, Customer/Supplier, Reference, Account Code e.t.c.

To add additional entries, click 'Add a row' - you can add as many rows you like in Quick Entry.

It is also possible to bulk import Receipts and Payments using Quick Entry. To do so, click the Import button whilst on the Quick Entry page and you will be redirected to the Quick Entry page (see below)

Simply follow the 3-step guidance and refer to the 'Available Fields' on the bottom half of the page - it will provide guidance on the require data and the format the data needs to be in.

You can watch the video here