Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > Settings > General Settings > Opening Balance

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Click here to watch how to enter opening bank balance


Opening Balances can be updated by entering the amount in the Debit or Credit side, based on the nature of the account.

It can also be imported using the Import function to the top-right of the page

  • “+” Button to add a new account, click and a new row appears to enter the name and amount and save.

  • Opening balance date is the first day of the new Accounting period.

  • The delete option is there to delete an account, provided there are no subsequent transactions linked to other accounts which account you are deleting.

  • Debit and Credit side should be equal in the Grand Total.

  • Opening balance can also be updated using Import function, click on Import download csv. file template, copy data into the template file, choose the file and click on import.

Click here to find out how to import the opening balance through CSV