Location:  Bookkeeping module >> Dashboard >> Client specific >> Settings >> Accounting Period

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An accounting period, in bookkeeping, is the period with reference to which accounting books of any business are prepared. 

Head to the Bookkeeping module and follow the navigation above to the Accounting Periods page. Once there you simply need to click the +Accounting Period to add a new period.

On clicking +Accounting Period,

  • From and to period can be entered

  • Accounts due date and CT600 Due date: Based on the Accounting period you set, the system fetches the due dates for submission of Accounts and CT600 according to the norms of HMRC and Companies House

  • Lock Previous period: If this function is selected, transactions cannot be edited for the previous period

  • Is Company ceased: You need to tick this checkbox if your company is ceased

  • Auto period generation: if Auto period generation is selected then once the current period end date is reached, the system will automatically generate new accounting period

Prior Accounting Period

You can also set up a Prior Accounting period by clicking the drop down menu as displayed below

Click here to watch how to create an accounting period

Click here to watch how to setup a prior accounting period

Click here to watch how to delete an accounting period