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You may pass a Journal as well as view the previously recorded ones on this page.

Action drop-down in the Journal list has options to Edit, Delete, Download doc, Download PDF, Email.

Note: Journal can be edited based on the specific conditions, there are cases where the journal cannot be edited if;

  • The accounting period is locked.

  • VAT Return is submitted to HMRC.

  • Payroll accrual journal entry.

  • Ex: Salary Account Debit

  • Salary Payable Account Credit.

Adding Journals

On clicking +Journal A window appears for creating new Journal. Note: We can’t post a journal for depreciation from this section as there is a separate section in the Fixed Assets for Journal.

  • Journal number is system generated and unique.

  • The date is the Journal Date.

  • Reference is the reference to the journal.

  • An account has to be selected for Debit entry.

  • Description of Journal.

  • VAT rate on the journal.

  • VAT Amount on the Journal.

  • Debit Amount on the Journal.

  • Credit Amount on the Journal.

  • Add a new row: On clicking on +button, the user can add a new row and add Credit Account code for the Journal.

Click here to watch how to delete a journal entry