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Click here to watch a video overview of the bank section

Click here to watch how to move a cash in hand transaction to a bank account

Click here to watch how to manually reconcile bank transactions 

Click here to watch how to manually post a bank statement

Watch here how to edit / modify bank details


On clicking particular bank name, bank details page appears, as seen below.

Explained Balance: the balance which is explained out of statement balance.

Unexplained balance: the balance of transaction which is not explained out of statement balance.

Statement Balance: the total balance in the bank account.

The graph: shows month-wise balance, can filter from the drop-down on the daily and month-wise Basis. 

Bank import: means to download CSV template file, copy the data in the template file and choose the path for the file to import.

Import can also be done by activating Bank Feeds. Bank Feed is an automatically imported list of transactions There are four steps:

Link Bank Account: Select Bank Account from dropdown and tick checkbox for agreeing on terms and conditions.

  • Bank/Provider: From the search box select desired bank

  • Account Credentials: Input your login credentials.

  • Commit: Associated Accounts related to ID will appear, select any bank account for linking Bank Feeds.

Manual import allows you to enter data manually i.e. all the transactions to be entered regarding payments made to Suppliers, expenses incurred, and receipts towards the sale. You can enter multiple transactions by Clicking +Row.

Cash coding is used to explain transactions of a similar nature. Enter Account code for one transaction and select all similar transactions and account code will map accordingly.

Quick Entry is used to explain the transactions as receipt and payment where all the unexplained transactions are listed as you click on quick entry all the unexplained transaction will be populated in the quick entry pop up.

Using the Quick Journal functionality you can pass journal entries for unexplained transactions.

Search option can search by Customer name, Supplier Name, Reference no.

Period: From the drop-down, you can select a particular period.

From and to period can be selected from the Calendar.

The type has a dropdown for;

  • Transfer

  • Payment

  • Receipt

  • Journal

  • Explained

  • Unexplained

  • Reconciled

  • Unreconciled

Action drop-down has the option to edit & delete.