Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > CIS

In the CIS section we will cover the following;

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Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > CIS > Contractor Setting

Business information details such as Business Name, UTR Number, PAYE Reference, Accounts Office Reference are the mandatory field and Business Type I.e. Contractor is auto fetched.

Then you need to fill user ID and password as HMRC submission credentials and click on save.

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Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > CIS > Subcontractor

You can click +Subcontractor to add subcontractor. This section is a replica of the supplier section. Banking information can be entered such as Branch code, Account Number, Account Number.

  • You also need to enter CIS information in which Business type and Trading Name is a mandatory field and you also need to enter Subcontractor UTR, NI Number, Company Number, Work Reference.

  • You also need to mention your verification status which can be done online, once verified you need to give verification number, last verified, Tax treatment (i.e. Unmatched, Gross, Net), payment frequency i.e. monthly by default.

  • Once all information is saved it gets listed on subcontractor page with Name (From where all information related to subcontractor can be edited), verification status, Verification Number, Last verified, Tax treatment, a checkbox for Active, Select Action I.e. Edit/Delete and also download verification certificate.

  • You need to verify the sub-contractor online which can be done via capium, you need select ‘online’ from the drop-down, click on verify and enter user id and password, click on submit.

  • Verification History: It will show verification History for contractor such as Verified on, Total subcontractors, Included and Status.

Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > CIS > CIS300 Submission

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  • You need to enter the return period i.e. month and year.

  • Tick on Nil returns check box if you confirm that no payments have been made to subcontractors in the construction industry in this period.

  • Once you tick the Nil Return checkbox then the only Inactivity related to that period will be notified.

  • If there are any payments made to the subcontractors, then you need to Tick the Employment Status, Verification and Inactivity accordingly. Once done, click Next.

  • On subcontract detail page system will fetch contractor details, deduction rate is 30%. You need to enter Total payments, cost of material, a Net amount will automatically reflect as payment minus Cost of material, Total deducted i.e. 30% will also reflect. Click submit.

  • Click on “Continue for HMRC submission”

  • Enter HMRC gateway details i.e. user id and password and click on ‘Continue for HMRC submission)

  • On CIS300 submission page you will find the list of the returns containing capium submission status, Select Action drop-down for each return such as Edit, download detail, submit to HMRC/Get response, delete.

Location:  Bookkeeping module > Dashboard > Client specific > Reports > Dashboard

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All the related report links are provided on the dashboard click on any specific report type to view the same.


  • Sales Report

  • Customer list

  • Customer ageing list

  • Transaction by customer

  • Sales product list

  • Customer receipts

  • Debtors

  • Customer statement

  • Sales invoice list


  • Purchase Report

  • Supplier list

  • Supplier ageing list

  • Transaction by supplier

  • Payment to supplier

  • Creditors

  • Supplier statement

  • Purchases invoice list


  • Profit & Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Trial Balance

  • Budget Report

  • Cash flow

  • Day-book

  • Comparative report


  • Recent Transactions

  • User log

  • Email log

  • Account details

  • Nominal ledger