Location: Bookkeeping > Settings > Company Info

Location 2: Bookkeeping >Bank > Dashboard >> Select Bank Account

Click here to watch how to manually reconcile bank transactions


First choose the option for manual Bank reconciliation available under 

Bookkeeping>>Settings>>Company Info>>Settings Tab. 

Once done, head to Bookkeeping>>Bank>> Dashboard >> Select Bank Account

Option 1. 

Select Cash Coding from the top corner

This will take you to this page where you can reconcile all 'unexplained' transactions by clicking the tick box to the left

Option 2:

On the bank homepage 

  1.  Select match status as all from the dropdown
  2. If the status is UnMatched-Match the transaction using the dropdown button under Action
  3. If the status is Matched, click the button to the left and then click the blue reconcile button