This is updated 21/12/21.

Bank feeds can be set up for £1.50 (plus VAT) per feed per month.

Bank transactions will be brought through automatically once every 24 hours.

Please click on this link to watch how to set up bank feeds

To purchase the feeds

Before setting up the auto bank feeds you do have to ensure you are paying for enough bank feeds

Navigation: My Admin> My Subscription > Bank Feeds > Buy

Once you click on buy, please enter the needed fields in the following pop up.

If you have a direct debit set up with us, nothing needs to be done, otherwise you will be taken to set up a direct debit with our partner company GoCardless.

To set up the feeds

Please note that the Admin Accountants, as well as Accountants will be able to set up bank feeds once purchased. Please click on this article to enable permissions for accountants to set up bank feeds. 

Step 1 - Ensure the Bank account has been setup in Bookkeeping

Navigation: Bookkeeping > Client Dashboard > Bank > Dashboard > '+ Bank Account'

Quick link to above navigation

Please ensure the correct account number is entered on the back account on this page.

Step 2 - 

Head to My Admin > Bookkeeping > Client Dashboard > Bank Feeds

Click Link Bank Account

The following pop up will show.

Select the bank account you would like to connect from the dropdown menu

Then click the check box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Click next.

You will get redirected to the following page,

Please select your bank from the photos or search your bank name.

All UK banks are supported apart from Metro bank

Please give Truelayer permission to access the bank account

Please enter in the bank details as needed

Click continue.

The following pop-up will appear. The bank account will now be connected.