Watch the video here to see how to create your Agent Services Accounts for MTD

If you are a business, please follow this link:

If you are an Agent for MTD you’ll need to create a new Agent Services Account.  Please click on the link below and ensure you follow the detailed step by step guide. 
This can take up to 72 hours to complete.

The next step you’ll have to take is you’ll have to link your clients to your account in two ways. HMRC advises that there are two processes you must follow in order to do this. 

Link existing clients to your new account:

  • Agent signs in to their agent services account
  • Agent requests to link existing clients
  • Agent signs in with their existing Government Gateway user ID
  • HMRC links the clients from the existing user ID to the agent services account
  • Agent repeats the process with next Government Gateway user ID that has existing clients until all clients are linked. For example, if an agent currently has ten Government Gateway user IDs, they must do this ten times

Add the clients to your account as if they’re a new client.

  • Agent signs into agent services account
  • Agent requests to ask a client to authorise them
  • The agent gives client’s details including their VAT registration number (VRN) and VAT registration date
  • The agent gets a unique link and sends it to their client in an email
  • The client receives an email from an agent and clicks on the link to begin the process
  • Client logs in with Government Gateway account and completes identity checks
  • Client confirms authorisation for an agent to represent them