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Video Tutorial:

Watch a video here for a Payroll introduction

Click here to watch how to change pay dates

Click here to watch how to update your payroll tax year

Help Guide:

The dashboard is the Home page which provides you with four sections such as the PAYE Submission summary, Monthly Pay, PAYE details and Summary of all your clients.

Submission Summary: This Section on dashboard provides you with a Donut Chart. It shows you a summary of various submissions made to HMRC and Capium regarding FPS and EPS.

Payroll Summary: This Section contains a Bar diagram which presents a summary of Gross Pay, Leave Pay and Other Pay per Month.

PAYE Details:

This Section maintains basic details regarding the Employer such as:

  • Employer Name

  • PAYE Reference

  • Address and Email

  • Payment Mode

  • Employment Allowance, etc.


This Section presents a summary of various Year to Date (YTD) figures:

  • Tax Year

  • Total Employee

  • Total Gross Pay

  • Total Tax

  • Total NI

  • Total Pension

  • Due Period (Monthly).

Select Year:

You can select a different year by selecting one from the drop-down highlighted in the red box to the left.

Editing PAYE Details:

To edit the PAYE Details navigate to Settings>>General Settings page. Edit PAYE Details screen is further divided into 7 tabs which can be seen below in the screenshot.

Note: The General Settings Page will be the landing page whenever a Payroll is set up for the first time for a Client. On the page, you may fill details regarding PAYE, Contact, HMRC Credentials, Pay slip Templates and Change Tax Year.

Payroll Process Flow:

Capium has Payroll process flow on the top of the page in payroll, it gives the end to end knowledge about payroll process, please find below screenshot to open the Process flow.