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The Timekeeping tab maintains Data related to Employee Time Records. You may add a new record by clicking on the Add Time Record button provided on the Upper right corner of the window. 

A record once added can be Edited or Deleted using Action Drop-down. This will be used in combination with Pay Rates prescribed under Employee Profile for computing Pay for a particular period.

  • The particular period for which Timekeeping is to be added needs to be selected using the “Period” drop-down menu.

  • To view the details of particular Employees, you need to select this employee from the “Select Employee” drop-down menu here.

  • You can Edit and Delete the Timekeeping record for a particular employee by using the “Action” drop-down menus.

Importing of Timekeeping records can also be done using the 'Import Time Record' button. You will be redirected to the import page as shown below;

Once here, simply follow the step-guide provided and refer to the 'Available Fields' section to the right on guidance of data formatting.

Watch the video to know more about Timekeeping