This article will cover timekeeping in payroll and explain how you can manually and/or via bulk upload enter the hours worked by employees.


Payroll module >> Client specific >> Manage Payroll >> Timekeeping

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video to know more about Timekeeping


Using the filter options

Before adding the time records, select the period for which the hours need to be entered. You can do this by using the drop down box as shown below. 

You can also search for a particular employee in the same way. 

Adding the number of hours worked

Timekeeping captures and stores data related to employee time records.

To add a new record click on '+ Add Time Record'. 

You can choose the pay frequency between 'Monthly' and 'Daily' and enter the data accordingly. 

Once a record has been added it can be edited or deleted using Action Drop-down. 

Based on how the employee profile was created, the system will automatically calculate their pay when processing the payroll. 

Bulk importing time records

To import time records click on '+ Time Records'

You can download the CSV template file and upload the information accordingly. 

Note: please refer to the 'available fields' section to better understand what format the information needs to be updated in.