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Help Guide:

Process payroll is the Fourth Sub-Section. It lets you process the Payroll of your employees. It contains 3 tabs mentioned below:

  • Record Gross Pay

  • Pension Assessment

  • Run Payroll

Record Gross Pay

  • You may select the pay frequency using the “Pay Frequency” drop-down menu.

  • Use the Edit/Approve buttons to edit or approve the gross pay for the employees

  • You can change the time period for the results using “Period” drop down.

  • The “Pay Type” filter allows you to view employees on Gross Basis or Hourly Basis or Both (All).

  • You can view status accordingly.

  • You can change the status from “Approved“ to “Pending” and for Pending status, you can change from Net to Gross pay.

Pension Assessment

  • You may select the pay frequency using the “Pay Frequency” drop-down menu.

  • You can run an “Assessment” by selecting the clients you want to run the assessment on by selecting the relevant tick boxes and then click the “Run Assessment” button.

  • You can change the time period for the results using the “Period” drop down.

  • You can delete/change the status by using this “Action” drop-down menu.


This Tab lets you Run and then submit the Payroll for Employees. There are two separate buttons on the upper right corner of the screen. As you click on the Run Payroll button a dialogue box appears where you can choose the details regarding Pay Frequency and Period based on which the Employees will be listed on the right-hand side. On this screen, you may also mention Pay Date, Reason for late reporting (if applicable), and you may also specify whether you want to Synchronize Payroll with Bookkeeping. The other button is regarding ‘FPS’ which enables you to submit a Payroll run for a particular period to either HMRC or Capium.

  • Click on the period to view the payroll details.

  • You can edit/delete the Payroll which has been run for the particular period.

  • Clicking Submit FPS will take you through the steps to submit FPS to HMRC.

  • Once you have selected the desired Employees, you may move to Next page which will show you a summary of the payroll. If you agree, you may Finish Payroll. You may also submit FPS for the same using the button there on the upper right-hand side.

  • After clicking on finish the Pop-up will disappear and you may view the details of Payroll Run for a particular period on Run Payroll page.


This section lets you see the Payslips. You need to select the relevant Pay frequency and period, also you may select a desired Payslip Style. You may download it as a PDF and also print them on pre-printed Payslips stationery using the Print option there. You may also e-mail the Payslips to Employees’ registered e-mail IDs and also CC or BCC any other e-mail.

  • Select the employees for whom the payslips you want to print/download/ email

  • Click on the employee name to preview the payslip

  • You can bulk download payslips as a PDF, print or send an email for a particular employee for a specific duration (e.g. June to December).