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Help guide:

Submission tab enables you to submit the Full Payment Submission (FPS) for a particular period along with the Payment Submission Summary and also allows to Submit and Employment Payment Summary (EPS).

This section consists of two tabs:

  1. FPS & EPS

  2. EYU


Location: Payroll module > Client specific > Submission > FPS & EPS

The “Add Submission” Button lets you create and Submit FPS to HMRC. If no payments to employees are made within a pay period, or you want to recover statutory payments, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

 Full Payment Submission (FPS)

Click on the “Add Submission” to submit payroll.

Clicking on the “Process Payroll” button will redirect you to the Process Payroll page.

Upon clicking the “BACS File” button a pop-up will appear where you can download BACS files for a particular time period.

Click the “Action” drop down to make an FPS “HMRC submission” in case it is submitted to Capium. Also, you may get a response after submitting the same to HMRC. From this drop-down menu, you can also Download Report.

The “Status” column allows you to see the status of the submission. Once you click on the hyperlinked text in the “Period” column, a pop-up will appear showing the names of the employees for whom payroll has been running in the determined time period.

NOTE: You need to submit the FPS to HMRC using the HMRC credentials. It can also be submitted to ‘Capium’ in case the FPS has already been submitted to HMRC and the user has migrated from some other software to ‘Capium’ or in any other case to avoid Duplicate submissions to HMRC. You may even save the progress in case you don’t want to submit the FPS to either of these.

Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

EPS need to be Submitted to HMRC for any other Supplementary Info which cannot be included in the FPS such as claiming Statutory payments, claiming Employment Allowance, notifying period of Inactivity or No Payment for a Period etc.

The “Add Submission” Button lets you create and Submit EPS to HMRC. If no payments to employees are made within a pay period, or you want to recover statutory payments, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions suffered or claim Employment Allowance, an EPS must be submitted to HMRC.

General Details

Tax Code: Will display the employee’s Tax Code. You may even change the Tax Code if you have received notification from HMRC

Is this tax code operated on a week 1/month 1 basis?

Will display the value ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ based on the details you have entered under Employee’s profile. You may change it as per requirement.

Employee’s Leaving Date (If not already submitted via RTI)

If you have not notified HMRC for the Leaving Date with the previous RTI submission, you enter leaving date to notify HMRC with the same.

Tax & Contribution details

This tab will allow you to enter the corrected figures and submit HMRC with the actual submitted amount and the correct amount with a proper difference.

Enter the Submitted amount from the previous year and the correct amount to update HMRC. You can then save or directly submit to HMRC.

Submitted Amount

Will display the figures you have submitted earlier, basically the incorrect details.

Correct Amount

This column will behold all the corrected figures you want to notify HMRC with. Enter correct details in this column under each row as per the requirement. This will later reflect under Final amount column with the difference amount calculated on behalf of the Submitted Amount column.

Final Amount

This column will hold the difference amount of Submitted Amount and the Final Amount column.

National Insurance details

You may update the NI Category Letter from the available drop-down on the page. Enter the corrected amounts under Correct Amount column for fields specified description column. Select the letter row to expand to view in more detail.

If the correction resulted in an overpayment of employees NICs, have you re-paid the employee?

You may select YES or NO if you have repaid the employee from this option. You cannot update NI Category Letter more than four times within a tax year as per HMRC norms.

Statutory Payments

In the same manner, you may enter the corrected amount under specific Correct amount column. Once you are confident for the entered details, you may even Save the progress or continue the submission through HMRC submission.

On saving the progress, you will be redirected to the EYU listing page. You may find Older submission report from Action column. Once all the details are confirmed, you may Edit the EYU entry from the same listing page to open the EYU submission wizard and then click on HMRC Submit button to proceed.