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This section will cover the the following: 

- General Settings

PAYE Details

Contact Details

HMRC Credentials

Payslip Template

Pay Rate

Data Security

Change Tax Year

Employee YTD

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General Settings

This section contains six tabs, which are explained as below:

PAYE Details

It lets you edit the details regarding HMRC office no., PAYE reference, Accounts office Reference etc.

You can edit the details using the Edit button to change the data.

Contact Details

It lets you view and edit the details of the Employer.

HMRC Credentials

Here you can enter username and password to be used while submitting different Reports and Information regarding Payroll (like FPS & EPS). Entering login details here ensures accuracy and timeliness as you do not need to enter them each time you submit any information to HMRC.

The HMRC credentials have to be mentioned in order to submit FPS and EPS to HMRC if agent credentials are used then kindly tick on the “I am an Agent” tick box.

Payslip Template

From here you can make any Payslip style theme as a default theme by selecting from available options. However, you will be able to select any of the Payslips themes available while exporting the same. The Green tick signifies the current template.

Pay Rate

In this section, you may update the Pay rates such as Basic, Over Time, Adhoc. You may set the pay rate default and it is able to edit or delete with the help of select action drop-down.

Data Security

Here, you are able to enable Document Password for Payslips, P45 & P60. Simply select the checkbox to enable and this will be applied to all employees. There is also a master password which allows the Super Accountant to access any document with the password, however, individual passwords will also need to be created from Manage Payroll > Employees > Edit Employee

Change Tax Year

From here you can move to the next Tax year. Year change option configures your current Payroll system to run and manage Payroll for the successive year once the Year End Routine is done. Once the Year End Routine has been initiated, finalise all the pending FPS and EPS for the current year by either submitting them to Capium or HMRC, only then you may change the current tax year. Once the current year is changed to the successive one, it cannot be reverted back. Only reports and Payslips will be accessible for the years before the Current year.

You may Change Tax Year by clicking on Change Tax Year button.

Note: Once changes, the Tax Year cannot be reverted back

Employee YTD

This section will help you maintain the Year to Date pay data of the employees. When you start using ‘Capium Payroll’ part-way through the tax year, you need to enter the YTD details of existing employees to ensure accurate pay details (YTD figures in Payslips and values in different cumulative reports) are maintained and reported to HMRC.

When you start using ‘Capium Payroll’ part-way through the tax year. You may have two types of employees i.e. Existing employees or other than existing employees (New Starters). 

Existing employees: - You have two options for maintaining year to date figures for these employees:-

  1. Run the previous periods’ payroll and submit them as ‘Capium Submit’. By this way year to date pay details will automatically have calculated and will show in relevant reports (The Employee YTD section is useful for only this type of Employees), or

  2. Maintain year to date pay details of employees by saving cumulative amounts of previous pay periods directly in ‘Employees YTD’ section.

Other than existing employees (New Starters): - In this case, you can enter year to date Employee pay details on the first page while adding an Employee itself.

Steps to feed YTD figures of an employee (Option 1 for Existing Employees):

  • Select pay frequency from the given options

  • Select employee for which you want to enter year to date pay figures

  • Click on ‘+Add YTD’ button

The following page will appear in which you have to enter the required details

Select the period up to which you want to enter YTD figures.

  • Enter the correct values in relevant available fields.

  • Click on ‘+Add Records’ button to enter NIC (National Insurance Contribution) related values and information:

Follow the steps below to provide NIC related details:

  • Select the NI Category from the drop-down list.

  • Enter the gross earning year to date relevant for NIC calculation.

  • Enter the year to date earning limits/ NIC thresholds.

  • Click on ‘Save’ button.

Note: - NI Category cannot be changed more than 3 times in a year and it can be updated only once in the first period, twice in second or thrice in the third period. So you can add up to three records in a year relating to NIC.

Click on ‘Save’ button

You can see the YTD Details by clicking on employee name shown in the listed records on the main page.

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