Location: Accounts Production module > Settings > Report Setting > Additional Notes

These are the additional notes that may be added if you want to provide further information other than the fields that are not mentioned in the ‘Accounting Policy’ section related to notes of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

The user can add new notes by clicking on the relevant button to the note one is wanting to take. Alternatively, click on ‘+ Add New Note’ at the bottom of this page with allowing for a general note. A new box will then appear. There are two types of notes which can be created.

  1. New Note: Here user will mention the title and the content to be displayed in reports as a part of Notes to Accounts. The period type is to be selected for respective note i.e. whether the note is to form part of Notes to Accounts for every report or for current report accordingly the option is selected

    • Duration: The note will be part of every report so prepared from now unless the note is deleted.

    • Instant: The note will form part of the report for which it was created.

  2. Extension Note: These notes will be the extension of the notes related to the category selected from the drop-down list.

    • You have to select the category from the drop-down list related to extension.

    • Previously saved notes will be shown at the end of the main note of the selected category.

    • Saved note added to the list of notes on the main page of this section.

    • The note can be edited or deleted by using the action button.