Location: Accounts Production module > Reports > Trial Balance

In this section, you may see the Trial Balance so imported and can compare the Trial Balances of different periods.

  • You can see the fields where Trial Balance is to be selected from the drop-down list. All the Trial Balances which were imported in ‘Tasks >> Trial Balance’ section will be listed in the drop-down list from where Trial Balance is to be chosen whose figures are to be compared.

  • By default, the comparison of Trial Balances can be made. But if you want to compare more than two Trial Balance, then click on. It will add one more field to select Trial Balance.

  • If Trial Balance is to be deleted, then click on.

  • Once the Trial Balances to be compared are selected then click on the ‘Generate’ button. This will generate the Trial Balances from which you can compare the figures.

  • The Trial Balance so generated can be downloaded in PDF form.