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CT600 Corporation tax form is used to report Company Tax Return. A company tax return is not just the company tax return form (form CT600) and any supplementary pages but also Accounts and Computations.

There are two types of CT600 Forms ‘Full’ and ‘Short’.

  • This page displays the list of CT600 Forms that are prepared.

  • Full annual accounts report prepared in Accounts Production module is submitted along with CT600.

  • If a new Form is to be created click on ‘Create New CT600’. A new page appears where the basic details for the creation of CT600 are filled.

Create new CT600 Report

Following is the process to create a new CT600 report:

  • Reference no. is generated by default having a prefix of ‘CT’. It can be edited as per the requirement.

  • Description (if any) can be added to the Form.

  • Form Type is to be selected ‘Short or Full’. Short is basically for small and medium-sized companies.

  • The return type is selected whether new return or amended return is being prepared.

  • To create CT600 the basic data to be imported is selected either from Accounts Production or Manually data is to be added. For manual CT you must create accounting period under the setting tab of corporation module for which you have to create CT600 form.

  • Full Account Report is to be selected from drop down list which is the base to prepare CT600.

  • Start Date and End Date will be the dates for which Annual Full Account Report is selected.

  • Click on ‘Create New CT600’ tab. A new page appears where the calculation of different parts in Form is being made. The page that appears is the main part where the calculation and computation of CT600 are being prepared.

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