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The quick entry form is a form to help fill out your CT600 return.

Each blue box is a link to add in information to help fill out the return

Please add in the information where necessary, not every box needs to be filled out.

The Main Form of the CT600 is live with the Quick Entry form.

If you imported from accounts production, the information will be pulled through from the accounts.

The CT-5 box allows you to change the form from new to amended.

The trading and professional profits calculator

As you can see in the image below, the accounts have brought through the loss and the depreciation in disallowable expenses

Please add in the information where needed

The Capital Allowance Calculator.

If fixed assets have been added in bookkeeping, you can see them here

Otherwise, please add the asset by clicking on add new asset.

Losses and Excess amounts

Please add information under each schedule where necessary

And R&D relief

Percentage amounts which can be claimed are in the qualifying boxes

Attachments such as the accounts will be attached if you have created them in Capium.

Otherwise please add your attachments here by clicking on the blue boxes.

Click here to watch how to account for depreciated intangible assets