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Click here to see an overview of the Self Assessment Dashboard

The Self-Assessment dashboard allows you to view all the clients on one dashboard under multiple tabs related to SA100, SA800 and SA900 returns

The self-assessment dashboard consists of two parts. The first one is Individual Tax summary which consists of a 'Donut Chart' which shows the Returns overview per year for all the clients such as the returns which are HMRC submitted, failed returns and returns in progress.

Next to the donut chart is the bar graph which lists the number of returns submitted per month in a year. You may change the year from the dropdown available on the right navigation. The charts show a total of returns for all the clients that are created as per their submission status.

The second part relates to the Clients where the same are listed as per their type. For Example, the Trust type clients will be listed under the SA900 Tab on the dashboard, in the same way, the Individual and Sole Trader Clients are listed under SA100 tab and Partnership clients are listed under the SA800 Tab. It shows various details such as:

  • Client ID: It reflects the  Id of the client mentioned at the time of creating a client.
  • Client Name: The client name navigates you to the client dashboard as you click on the same.   
  • Client Type: The Client type will be listed as per the status of the client such as Trust, Individual, Sole Trader, Partnership.  
  • UTR No.: The UTR number is listed which is a mandatory field in assesses details. Please note that an incorrect UTR no may lead to Error in submission.   
  • NI No:  A NI NO is made up of two letters, six numbers and a final letter, which is always A,  B, C, or D. It looks something like this: MM 12 34 56 D. The NI No     for related clients type will be listed under the same.    
  • Tax Amount:  This column shows the total tax paid or due for a particular client for the returns pertaining to various years.   
  • Status: This shows the status of the latest return which is created for a particular client. Although there might be 3 returns created for a particular client but the latest one is yet to be submitted then the status will show as in Progress. All the details pertaining to the latest return is shown on the hover as you place the mouse on the status i.e. In progress or submitted etc.

You may even search for a particular client from the search box by mentioning the Name or client ID. Also you may filter the clients as per their return status such as Error, in progress and Submitted for example If you select error type all the clients having a return status with error status will be listed.

Add Client: From the new self-assessment dashboard, you may even add a client if required. This will help reduce your time to navigate to either My admin or Practice Management Module after creating the clients the same are listed under both the modules where you can make the further changes if required.


Click here to see an overview of the Self Assessment Dashboard

Click here to see an overview of the Self Assessment Dashboard