On the lower part of the page, SA100 Forms are listed for a Particular Financial Year along with Additional Forms, if any. 

The table there also contains Form Type (whether New or Amended), Submission Date, Submission Status, Report, and Action Dropdown Buttons.

The Report Dropdown button gives various options as:


  • View computation: It allows you to view the Tax Computation for a particular Financial Year. You may also download a PDF of the same.   

  • View Detailed Schedule: It will show the details of Tax Computation    

  • View SA 100: It lets you view and download the PDF of SA 100 Report for a Particular Year.    

  • Get SA 100 PDF: It will allow you to download the PDF of the SA100 Return.   

  • Get Computation PDF: It lets you download the PDF of SA 100 Computation.

The Action Dropdown Button Gives the options of:

  • Edit Return: It will redirect you to the Main form i.e. SA 100 where necessary editing can be done.

  • Submit To HMRC: It redirects you to SA 100 Submission Page. Here you have to follow three steps in order to submit the same. In the very first step the details have to be verified. In the second step, the Gateway details have to be given. The third step is for Submitting the Form to HMRC  where Name, Period Covered, UTR and USER ID are mentioned.

  • Delete: It gives an option of deleting the SA 100 form.

  • Email: You can send email to your client or staff attachments such as Computation, Tax  Summary, and complete SA100 return with all linked supplementary forms. All attachments will be linked to the email by default.

  • Copy: You can create a copy of either submitted or in-progress returns using the option.

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