The button to add new SA100 is just above the 'Action' drop-down. When you click on the button, a pop-up open with following details:


  • Reference: It is a Mandatory and auto-generated field that will take the next reference number of the form whenever a new return is created. You can also give a reference number of your own as per your convenience.

  • Description: Any description that you would like it to give to your return.   

  • Tax Year: The Tax year has to be selected which is relevant. It is also a Mandatory Field. 

  • Return Type: You must notify your return type to HMRC that whether it is a fresh New return that you are submitting for the first time or you are filing an Amended one to notify HMRC with some amendments. It is a Mandatory Field.

  • Import Data: Import is applicable only for the ‘Sole Trader’ clients. If you want to Import Assessee’s financial data from Capium Bookkeeping or     Accounts Production module, you must select relevant module to fetch data in assessment.

NOTE: You must have these modules in your subscription to be able to import data.

  • Import Bank Detail From: It is to be selected only when you want to Import Bank Detail either from Accountant’s firm or from Assessees Bookkeeping. If there are multiple bank accounts either of the accounts, you can make a selection accordingly from the provided drop down.  

  • Tax Adviser Detail: You can select this if you want to include the Tax Adviser Detail within return while submission.

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Click here to enter figure(s) for a Sole Trader's drawings in Self Assessment SA100