The following detailed steps will guide you in filling a SA100 Form.

Once the form is created, one will be redirected to the landing page of the respective return with an opened pop-up to make a selection of respective supplementary page(s) to be included within the return.

1. Add Supplementary Forms: You need to check the box for respective supplementary form and click on  ‘+’ button to add number of forms you wish to add. Once the ‘+’ button is clicked system will ask for the mandatory details for few forms which are mandatory to be entered to add a form. There are several pages which could simply be added by checking and clicking on ‘+’ button.

         These forms will be listed under ‘Supplementary Pages’ tab on the landing page of this return.


2. Add Attachment:  You may attach PDF documents along with your SA100 return to be submitted to  HMRC as supporting documents if required. You may add or remove documents from the same button. You can Attach a file by clicking on the choose file button. Give a description to it and Upload the Same.

NOTE: Make sure PDF you are attaching should have a single name to like ‘myattachment.pdf’ in order to avoid any namespace error from HMRC.


Click here to watch how to create an amended SA100