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Personal Tax is a Self-Assessment tax for Individuals and Sole Proprietors. 

Please note that this Module can be accessed only when you have selected a Client who has been registered with Capium as a Partnership Firm.

The SA800 Dashboard is the home page for a Partnership Firm. It contains three Sections;

  • Partnership Details    

  • Partners   

  • SA800:

1.Partnership Details

Under this Section one can view the details regarding the Partnership and HMRC Office such as    

  • Partnership Name    

  • UTR NO.    

  • Address of Partnership Firm    

  • HMRC Office Name 

  • HMRC Office Number  

  • HMRC Office Address  

  • HMRC TelephoneOne can edit the details by clicking on the Edit Button Provided on the Upper Right Corner of the Window. An Edit Business Detail Pop-Up will appear where details regarding the business can be edited.


Under this Section, the Name of the Partners Along with their Profit share is displayed.

Below the partners is a “All Partners” hyperlink. When you click on this hyperlink, it will redirect you to the “Settings > Partners” where you can add a new partner.


In this section, you can add a Partner Details by clicking on the “+Add New Partner” button provided in Action window (highlighted above). An Add Contact Detail pop-up will appear. 

3.SA800 Forms

In the very next section the SA 800 form details can be viewed using the Reports drop-down menu and get a PDF of the same. 

The Action drop-down menu provides you the options of Editing, submitting to HMRC and Deleting the Return. 

You may also add new SA 800 using the button available in the upper right-hand side of this section.
You may also delete a SA800 Return by clicking on the delete button provided under Action.

In this table, one can View the SA 800 forms already filled. The Table contains the following Columns:

  •     Reference No.

  •     Tax Year

  •     Main Form i.e. SA 800

  •     Additional Forms if any

  •     Type whether New or Amended 

  •     Submission Date

  •     Submission Status

  •     Reports  Dropdown

  •     Action Dropdown

On the Upper Right Corner of this section, an Add New SA 800 Form button is provided. By clicking on this button A Create New SA 800 Form Pop-Up appears:


In the Pop –Up you need to mention the Mandatory Fields such as:    

  •     Reference No: It is System generated.

  •     Return Type: The Return is whether New or Amended

  •     Tax Year: Particular Tax year for which the Return is to be filed has to be provided.

  •     The description can be provided according to the user.