The main page includes;

  • Cover Page    
  • Partnership Business And Investment Income       
  • Trading And Professional Income       
  • Other Information    

Cover page
 In this section, the basic details regarding Partnership along with details of HMRC can be viewed. The Details can be edited by clicking on the Cover Page Button Provided on the Upper Left Corner of this section. A Pop- Up will appear named as SA800 cover Page.

NOTE: The pages such as page no.1, page no. 2 etc. and boxes such as 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 etc. are provided according to the Original SA800 Form and needs to be filled in a prudent manner

Partnership Business And Investment Income
By clicking on this button, a pop-up will appear where the details have to be filled if the Partnership Firm has included any member who is:
  •  A Company

  •  Not Resident in UK

  •  A partner in a business controlled and managed abroad and who is not     domiciled in the UK or is not ordinarily resident in the U   

  •  Are you completing this tax return on behalf of an EEIG?

The Relevant Check Boxes can be ticked.

Trading And Professional Income

In this section, the Trading and Professional Income can be entered. It includes the details regarding

  •  Partnership/Trade Profession    
  • Capital Allowances   
  • Income and Expenses including additional Information   
  • Tax  Adjustments to Net Profit/Loss   
  •  Balance sheet    

Other Information

The Last Section on the Main Form is for Other Information. By clicking on the Button a Pop-Up appears named as Partnership Other Information. Under this Pop-Up the Details regarding other information such as:

  •     Any Other Income not included anywhere else in the return?  
  •     Are the details on the front of the Partnership Tax Return wrong?  
  •     Partnership ax Return contains figures that are provisional?
  •     Tax Avoidance Schemes if Any?

Along with these details, one can also fill the Adviser details and its Declaration.