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Help Guide

Step 1

To carry back losses from a prior Accounting Period, use the "Losses, Deficits & Excess Amount Calculator" within the Quick Entry section of the CT return as shown below;

Simply enter the loss amount to be carried back in the highlighted box and click save once the value has been inputted.

Step 2

After carrying back the losses you will need to prepare an amended return based on the period you've just carried back the losses to, in order to add the Brought Forward figure.

To do this, head to the previous period return and click the "Manage CT600 Return" option as shown below, this will give you the option to create an amended return based on that return.

Change Return Type

Once the Amended Return has been created, head back to the "Losses, Deficits & Excess Amount Calculator" and input the Carried Back fugure into the section highlighted below, then Save & Close.