1. 3001 - The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.
Resolution: This error will automatically be suppressed when you resolve other specific error(s).

2. 3304 - Original return already received for this period.
Resolution: This error is getting generated from HMRC end saying that original return has already been submitted. We recommend you to please contact HMRC for further information.

3. 1608 - Unfortunately it could not be accepted as it failed HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) online data checks.
Resolution: This error is generated from HMRC end when an invalid UTR is used which does not exist on HMRC systems and we recommend you contact HMRC for further clarification.

4. 3312 - Resolution:  This error will come up when there is no iXBRL account is attached and the same has not been intimated in the CT600 "Computations and Attachments Included". In case, if you have attached the accounts report in pdf form, you need to intimate the same under "Computations and Attachments Included". 

5. 1606 -Resolution: This error will come up when the Company Registration number provided in the attached Accounts is not matching exactly or there is missing of any digit. We recommend you to please check it thoroughly.

6. 3315 - Error Generic dimension member (bus: OrdinaryShareClass1) has no associated name or description item
Resolution: This error will come up when the class of share capital note was left blank. You may please update the class of share capital under Share Capital note.

7. 1611 - Resolution: This error is showing as you have not submitted the original return to HMRC. The return which you are trying to submit is an 'Amended' one hence you need to create a 'New' return and submit to HMRC.

8. 1046 - Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.
Resolution: This error is generated from HMRC's end and we can only help you with possible reasons for the same. Please check the HMRC Credentials and UTR Number.

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