Payroll Dashboard > Select Client > Manage Payroll > Process Payroll 

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There are two checkpoints when processing your year end Payroll in Capium;

1. Processing the Payroll

2. Submitting Final FPS

1 - Process Payroll

Head to the Process Payroll section from the navigation above or click 'Refer to the link' to to be directed to the page (you will need to logged in)

Once there, approve the relevant Gross Pay for the employees by ticking the checkbox, then click 'Approve'. Once approved, click 'Pension Assessment' tab to run the Pension if applicable.

Once approved, click 'Pension Assessment' tab to run the Pension if the employees are eligible.

Next, click the 'Payroll' tab and click Run Payroll.

Go through both steps in the wizard below to run the Payroll. 

2 - Submit Final FPS

After running March Payroll using the above guidance, you can now submit the final FPS. On the same page where you clicked 'Run Payroll', click the 'Submit FPS' button.

Follow the 3 steps in the wizard and on the final step 'HMRC Credentials', ensure you tick the checkbox below the 'Final Submission' heading to say this is your final submission for the year.

Once you have completed all these and wish to change the tax year you simply navigate to 

Settings > General Settings > Change Tax Year