You may follow the below steps:

1) Contact Companies House and inform them that the company ceasing.

2) While creating the accounting period, you must check 'Is company ceased?'. If it was already done follow step 3.
3) Navigate to path Accounts Production>>Settings>>Accounting Policy
4) Check the box for 'Going Concern' and click on 'Edit' button
5) Mention company ceasing details in 'Going concern' policy manually and 'SAVE' the details
6) If you have already created an accounting report prior to this ceasing configuration as mentioned in the above steps, then you must regenerate the report.
P.S. Effects will not impact on Accounts report if you do not regenerate it.
- Navigate to Reports>>Annual Accounts
- Click on 'Reference No.' of the related accounts report
- Click on the 'Regenerate' button available at the end of opened pop-up window