Capium Practice Management is a comprehensive workflow and performance management solution for your practice. Platform can give you great results if you configure it carefully and follow very simple but important best practices so that system can help you smoothly serve your customers.

Objective of this article is to give you critical path to setting up Capium and getting up and running with your first client. There are very detailed articles on each aspect of the solution across the online help which we encourage you to study and learn.

Practice Setup

Setting up services your practice offers 

Please click here to watch how to set up services

First step is to ensure you have some basic set up in place. Capium provides you a standard list of services that generally practices would offer. Capium calls those Standard ServicesHowever if your business offers some additional services which are not in the default set Capium provides you can add those as Custom Services. 

While setting up services you are defining a number of other aspects which are very critical.  

Clearly define services you offer, setup manager responsible for those services, Standard Fee, Standard Estimated Hours (average time to perform) set up reminder frequencies. 

These settings help platform to show you what is a default set up for each service. However we fully understand this can be different for each customers which you can customize in client specific process steps under //Home/Clients/Client details/Settings/Services and //Home/Clients/Client details/Work space/Deadlines which are explained in the sections below. 

Client Set up

Add Clients 

Use below screen to add clients individually. You can also use the search button highlighted below to pull company details in from Companies House.

Bulk Assign Services 

You can assign services to multiple customers at one time using below screen. However you still need to set up deadline due dates (the first one so that Capium can calculate future ones) through deadlines set up under each client. 

Set up Services your practice agreed to provide for clients

Now that you have Client captured into Capium Practice Management you need to set up assign/enable services you are offering for this customer if this is not done already previously. 

Path //Workspace/Clients/Select Client/Settings/Services 

Click on the client title to open detailed view of the customer as show in the below image. 

There are number of menu items presented here to organise information and activities. 

Timeline - Provides you timeline of events with customer mainly notes that you capture. This feature is evolving and we will continuously improve information we show here to make it more useful for you. 
Workspace - Allows you to manage Client specific Deadlines, Tasks, Record Time, Invoices and Documents 
Communication -Allows you to send email to customers and review and respond to client requests 
Details - Offers you Client Business Information, Social Contacts, PAYE Details, Company Directors, AML Checklist etc in one place
Settings - Provide you with Contacts, Services, Agent Authorisation under settings. 

Clicking New Services presents you options to select a services and add it to the customer. This enables you to configure deadlines and continue to preform tasks smoothly.


Set up Deadlines for those services 

Once you set up a service, we know you want to offer that service to the client but what now finally Capium wants to know is when is the next deadline so that based on that Capium can set up task for you and also automate the process for future tasks 

Now you should be able to see your deadline and Task (which might take some time to get auto generated) under various sections of the application.


a) Home/Workspace/ Deadlines 
b) Home/Workspace/ Tasks
c) Home/Workspace/Clients/Workspace/ Deadlines or Tasks 

Servicing Customer

Performing contracted services for the customer and monitoring deadlines 

Your day starts by looking at Deadlines or Tasks that you need to perform for customers. 

Performing ad hoc services for customers on demand 

Capium understands some times you do get ad hoc requests from customer for which you can create tasks using Ad Hoc task feature in the tasks section.