Capium Hub is a platform designed to enhance collaboration and communication between Accountants and Customers. There are two elements to the Capium Hub; Business Web & Business App

Through the Business Web, you will find features such as Document Sharing/Storage, a simplified Bookkeeping (Sales & Purchase invoices), a Client Request portal and more. Through the App, you will find the Receipt & Document Scanning, Sales & Purchase invoicing and many more features.

To provide your clients with access to Capium Hub, you will need to create them as a Capium Client User. Click here to learn how to add a Client User.

The aim of this article is to give you an understanding of how best to use Capium Hub to improve your practices' efficiencies. 

Accountant Profile

Accountants will have access to the Business Web Dashboard Analytics - with readily-available data such as recent Sales & Purchases, Payroll, Corporation Tax and Submission Deadlines. 

Sale and Purchase invoices can be created from the respective areas as seen below (invoices created are for the Accountant and not clients)

View Documents

Documents shared by clients can be viewed from the Documents > 'Saved Files'

Client Requests

View Request tickets sent by clients under Your Accountant > Client Requests

Client Profile

Clients will also have access to the aforementioned features on the Business Web - with the only differences being that clients can send requests to Accountants from the Client Requests section as well as having the option to share and store documents.

Client Access

The Business App is designed for just clients, with the aim of enhancing accountant-client collaboration. The app houses our Receipt and document scanning tool (CapiScan), which will scan and send directly to the accountant in real-time. The app also has Dashboard Analytics (as shown below) with readily-available data such as recent Sales & Purchases and Corporation Tax.

Clients can also take advantage of the various forms of communication available from the app such as direct SMS, Email and Client Request function by clicking on the Icon on the top right.

Click here to watch a walk-through of Capium Hub