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Video tutorial:

Click here to watch a Walk-through of the new My Admin 4

Click here to watch how to import clients through My Admin 4

Click here to watch how to setup SMS in My Admin 4

Help Guide:

My Admin 4.0 is the brand new, updated Capium Control Panel.

You will be greeted with the new interface as shown below. My Admin is broken down into 3 areas; My Firm, My Subscription & SMS.

My Firm

My Firm gives users an overview of the Practice, client information (add/import clients), Contacts, Users and more. 

My Subscription

My Subscription covers the entire subscription details for an account, and this includes the main subscription, Bank Feeds, Capium Hub, SMS and Company Secretarial.


SMS gives users a breakdown of their recently sent messages, the ability to setup scheduled SMS and setup templates.

Client Import

Client Import has been made even easier within My Admin 4.0 

Navigate to My Firm >> Clients >> Import Clients

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Follow the instructions on the left panel; (1) download the CSV template provided by clicking 'Download CSV Template', (2) populate the file with your data (3) import the file back into Capium by clicking 'Upload CSV File with Data'

Also use the 'Available Fields' on the right panel as guidance on the required format.