This Article has been created to provide  new Capium users with a guide on how best to start using Capium.

Each section of this guide contains an article and a video of the step-by-step processes to setting up the various modules, as well as on how to import data.

General/Getting Started

1. My Admin 4.0 Overview 

2.  Set up Users in My Admin (For Super Accountant) 

3. Import Contacts 

4. Import Clients 


1. Accounting Period Set Up

2. Chart of Accounts 

3a. Contacts Import (Customers)

3b. Contacts Import (Suppliers)

4. Opening Balance Import

5. Purchase Invoice Import

6. Sales Invoice Import

7. Import Receipts & Payments

8. Bank Transactions Import

9. Bank Feeds Set Up (Optional)

Accounts Production 

1. Create Accounting Period (if not already created in Bookkeeping)

2. Trial Balance Import

a. CSV (Comma Separated Values) Import

b. Xero Import

c. QuickBooks Import

3 How to prepare a set of Accounts

Corporation Tax

1. Create CT600


1. Payroll Settings

2. Employee Import

3. Year To Date Import (If applicable)

4. Auto-Enrolment Set Up

5. Process Payroll