Navigation - Bookkeeping Dashboard >> Select Client >> Bank > Select Bank > Cash Coding button 

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Cash Coding is a feature within the Bank section that allows you to reconcile bank transactions. Head to the Cash Coding page using the navigation above or click the link to be directed straight there (you will need to be signed in to your account) 

Once here, you will find a list of transactions which are not posted. Each transaction will have a Date, Reference, Account, VAT Rate, VAT Amount (automatically calculated based on VAT), Contact Name and a Debit or Credit for the transaction amount. 

To post a transaction, simply tick the checkbox(s) to select the transaction(s) you would like to post, then enter the Nominal Account codes (entering an account code where multiple transactions are selected will apply that code to all selected transactions).

After entering the selecting the Nominal Account, the VAT rate will be automatically set as Standard, however, you can change this using the drop-down menu. Consequentially, the VAT Amount column will be automatically calculated based on the VAT rate.

Lastly, enter the the Contact Name, then click the save button to post the transaction(s).

Click here to watch how to post transactions using Cash Coding