Navigation - Accounts Production >> Client Dashboard >> Reports >> Annual Accounts >> Add New Report

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Head to the accounts production module using the Navigation above and select a client to proceed with. Before preparing a set of accounts, you will need to do the following;

1. Create Accounting Period (if you haven't done so in Bookkeeping) - Settings > Accounting Periods

2. Add Directors - Settings > Report Settings > Company Contacts 

3. Import Trial Balance (Manually, CSV, Bookkeeping or Integrations) - Tasks > Trial Balance

After importing the Trial Balance, you can then proceed to preparing the accounts. Head to Reports > Annual Accounts > 'Add New Report'. Fill the fields in accordingly as shown below, and most importantly, select the Trial Balance(s) you wish to use to prepare the accounts with, then click Generate.

To submit your final accounts, head to Tasks > Submit and click the + Submit Accounts button. Select the accounts you want to submit, you'll then have to go through the four steps to submit

These four process steps of submission are as follows:

  1. Validate Report: Annual report so generated is to be validated here. If there are any errors, then the same will be listed here and you may click on resolve to resolve the errors.

    • After resolving the errors, you will be allowed to proceed to the next step.

  2. Verify Report: Report so generated is displayed. You may preview the Report which is to be submitted to Companies House. Also if you want to navigate to the previous step, you may click on the ‘Previous’ tab.

  3. Gateway Details: Here details of Companies House login are to be filled.

  4. Submit Accounts: Once you are logged in to Companies House all the accounts and reports to be submitted is to be reviewed and then submitted to Companies House.