Navigation: My Admin > SMS

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Head to the SMS page using the above navigation where you will find 3 options:

1. Dashboard

2. Scheduled 

3. Templates


Here you will find (1) SMS count - this represents a count of all SMS messages sent from the account to which you can filter by Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. You will also find (2) SMS log - which will display the messages sent from the account, the date, Sender ID, to whom it was sent and the status (Sent, Scheduled, Failed).

You also have the ability to 'Refresh' which will get the latest update on sent messages.


In the scheduled page, you will find a listing of all the Queued/Scheduled messages to be sent from Capium. You also have 2 actions here (1) Edit - you can change the time and end date for when a message should be sent (2) View the message.


Here you will find 2 sections: Standard and Custom. The 'Standard' tab hosts the templates created which cannot be editted but are usable, while Custom will allow users to setup their own SMS templates.

To create a custom template, simply 'Add Template' whilst in the Custom tab where you will be presented with the below interface. Enter the template name, choose from the Template Types available and enter the body of the message. You can also drop and drop tokens from the right hand of the screen onto the body of the message so that the system automatically picks up the relevant information i.e. AccountantName

Send SMS

To send an SMS, click Send SMS  where you will be presented with the below screen. There, enter your Sender ID/Name, select the client or multiple clients from the To field. You can either choose from a template you've created or manually enter the message into the Body section.

You can also use the 'Add to Queue' option which as mentioned above, will send the messages on a desired date, time and set the Queue to recur.

Alternatively, click here to watch how to use setup the SMS functionality