Click here to watch the entire process of setting up and performing AML Checks in Capium

My Admin Navigation: My Admin > My Firm > AML


We're thrilled to release our newly updated AML Functionality in Capium, allowing you to perform checks on your new and existing clients directly from the system, get the check results back into Capium and apply those checks to your clients' workspaces.

My Admin

Head to the AML section using the navigation above.

If this is your first time using this feature, you will first need to signup with Veriphy, our AML partner - to do this just click the sign up link on the page as shown below. 

Once registered, it can take up to 24 hours for your account to become active.

Once you've received confirmation of your account being activated from Capium, head back to the AML section in My Admin where you will now be able to perform your checks.

Start by clicking the AML Perform Check button, where you'll be taken to the below page. 

There, enter the required information and any additional information. 

Once the details have been entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Perform Check. 

Note: you will only be charged the cost of £3 + VAT when you click Perform Check not when you activate the account.

An AML check can be completed solely on name, address and date of birth. 

However, the more information given the more coherent the check will be.

For the passport number fill out, the boxes in the form correspond to the information at the very bottom of the passport.

This starts from the number underlined in red.

For the UK driving licence the information that is needed is by number 5. on the UK license 

Once the check is performed, you will be taken back to the main AML page where you will see an overview of the check details (Check type, Date of Check, Next Check Date, Result, Performed By and the option to Link to that check to a Client). 

Using the 3 dots as marked below, you will be able to Download the detailed check results as PDF or View directly in Capium. 

Using the checkbox next to the Name column enables the Export CSV option which allows you to download a CSV copy of the check.

You will now be able to view from your Clients page under My admin > Clients, a breakdown of check results for all clients as well as the next check dates for each of them.

Practice Management 

Practice Management Navigation: Practice Management > Workspace > Clients > Select a client > Onboarding > AML

Before performing a check in Practice Management you will first need to activate the account through My Admin as shown in the beginning of this guide.

Head to Practice Management and follow the Navigation above to get to the AML section. 

If you have already performed a check in My Admin for the particular client workspace you are in, you will find a mirror of the check details here. 

To perform a new check click on AML Perform Check.

The following pop up will appear, please click ok to move to the next screen

As of 04/01/2022 information will auto-fill from your clients information in Capium.

This will only auto-fill with available information. Please continue to fill out the extra needed information.

After the information is entered, click perform check.

Key information about checks & What they cover:

Full and edited Electoral Registers, current and historic

Address and ID data drawn from recent credit file activity

Landline telephone directory information

Mortality Registers

Births Index

GB Driving Licence Check

UK & International Passport Check

National Insurance Number Check

Address Redirection & Departure Check

HMT, EU and OFAC Sanctions Lists

Domestic and Global Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) list

Key Benefits:

Standards Compliant - FCA, HMRC and Law Society etc.

No setup or licence fee

No minimum use - just pay for what you use

Our online Anti Money Laundering checks are easy to use, allowing instant decision making

No need for expensive return of personal documents to customers

Equally applicable for face to face or remote customer contact

Complete audit trail available

PEP and Sanctions matches display full details