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(Existing sole trader Client) My Admin > Clients > Edit button > Edit again > Link to SA100 button

(Creating for the first time) Self Assessment > Add client > Sole Trader > Link to SA100 button

Help Guide

This guide will provide you with a walk-through on how to link multiple Sole Trader businesses to a single Individual Tax Return and automatically pull the respective figures from either the Bookkeeping or Accounts Production module.

Using the navigation provided above, head to either My Admin to link an already existing Sole Trader business to an Individual Client. Once you've ticked the Link to SA100 button, you will immediately be able to select from the list, any Individual Clients (remember to save!)

If you're yet to create the Sole Trader Client, head to Self-Assessment and click +Client to add a new Sole Trader. Again, once you've ticked the Link to SA100 button, you will be able to select the Individual from the 'Client' drop-down menu. Fill the rest of the details on this page and save.

Once the linking stage is completed, you will now be able to pull information directly from the Bookkeeping or Accounts Production into the Individual Tax Return (SA100). To do this, whilst in the Self Assessment module, head into the Individual by clicking on their name, then add a return using the button as shown below

When you've created the return, head to the Supplementary Pages and click the button to add a new supplementary form as shown below;

You will then be greeted with a pop-up list of all the supplementary forms you can add. Select Self Employment, where you will then be able to choose from the next screen, a list of all the businesses (Sole Traders) you originally linked

Once selected, click save to finish this stage. You will be taken back to the Supplementary page section, where you will find the Business(s) you've just added as shown below. Simply click on any of the line items to begin the data import process from Bookkeeping or Accounts Production.

Here, across all 5 tabs, you will have the button to Import Data from Bookkeeping or Accounts Production. Simply click on either, depending on where you have inputted the business financial information to import (remember to save!)

Once done, you can now proceed to submit your SA100 tax return with details of any and all Sole Trader businesses.

Click here to watch a video of the entire walkthrough