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In Capium, Users are those who can also access the platform under the umbrella of the account holder. 

There are three types of users;

1. Accountant

2. Staff

3. Client

Click here to learn more about the different types of Users.

Importing Users

To import Users, head to the Users section using the navigation above or click the link whilst logged in to head straight there. On this page, you will find a list of all users under your account and to import users in bulk, click on the Import Users button as shown below.

Once you click on 'Import Users' you will be directed to the client import screen - there you will need to follow the guidance provided.

Also take note of the 'Available Fields' section on the right-hand side as that will provide clear guidance as to what data is mandatory and what isn't when importing your Users.

Step 1. Download the CSV template provided & populate the file with information pertaining to the Users you want to import.

*note* do not change the column headings in the template file. 

Step 2. Upload the completed file using the button as shown below, then proceed to Step 3 to validate the data.

Step 3. Validate and Complete your import!

Here you will be presented with a preview of your file. You will be prompted if there are any issues, of which you can fix straight away. If there are no issues, simply click Save to import.

Alternatively, click here to watch how to import Users