Please click here to watch how to view user activity 

Please click here to find out how to add a user

In My Admin

Location: My Admin > My Firm > Activity


Once in My Admin, click activity from the top work bar

Here you can click between user activity and login activity

Under User Activity

You will be able to see the My admin activities which have been added or created by users (for example access permissions)

  • you can user the search bar in the top right to search for a specific event
  • you can change the dates
  • you can search for a specific user activity in the drop down
  • Under action, you can select deletion, creation, updates or other activities

Under Login Activity

You will be able to see the latest 100 logins by your users of the:

  •  Time of login
  •  Browser used to login
  •  Amount of time on the system

In Practice Management

Location: Practice Management > Workspace > Activity


You can view an activity guide in Practice Management for actions performed in Practice Management

Here you can see detailed activity under the following headings

  • Activity

Shows all activity from users of Practice Management

  • Email Activity

This shows automated emails as well as emails created through conversations

  • User Activity

Shows when users have logged in and out