Navigation: My Admin > Clients > Select a Client

Please click here to watch how to contact contacts to clients

Please click to find out how to import contacts

Please click here to find out how to import clients

Please click here to find out how to link directors to clients

Help Guide

Contacts are people you would contact within the client, for example a receptionist, a director or another staff member.

In Capium is it very useful to set up contacts for using Practice Management

Please head to My Admin and click on Clients-then click on the edit button next to a client.

This will take you through to the following page

Please click on Add Contact Link on the right hand side

The following pop up will appear, you can either create a new contact or select one already created from the highlighted dropdown list.

Please then click save.

One contact can be added to multiple businesses

Please then click to select a default contact.

This will be the main contact for correspondance