Creating the advance receipt

Sales >> Receipts >> Click on '+ Receipt' >> When creating the receipt, tick the box next to 'Make Advance Receipt' 

Allocating the advance receipt

Contact >> Customers >> Find the customer and click on their name >> Find the receipt and using the drop down box click on 'Allocate' >> Assign the amount accordingly 

Video Tutorial:

Click here to watch how to allocate an advance receipt

Help Guide:

Creating an advance receipt

To create an advance receipt, go into 'Sales' and then 'Receipts' from the navigation panel.
Then click on '+ Receipt'.

Fill in the receipt information accordingly and ensure you click on the button next to 'Make Advance Receipt'.

Allocating the Advance Receipt

Go into 'Contacts' and then 'Customers' in the navigation panel.

Then use the search function to find the customer.

Find the advance receipt that needs to be allocated and using the action drop down box, click on 'Allocate Receipt' 

You can then choose the amount that needs to be allocated to the receipt.