Navigation: Accounts Production > Select Client> Tasks > Trial Balance.

Help Guide:

New Feature Alert! When importing the Trial balance (TB) from Xero or QuickBooks software now is able to remember the accounts mapping.

Please head to Accounts Production, then select your client. Then please select tasks and Trial Balance

Please click to create a new trial balance

This pop up will appear, add in your information as necessary then click on QuickBooks or Xero as your mode of import. Then click create.

If selecting Xero it will take you to the following screen

Please click to allow access for 30 minutes

If selecting QuickBooks it will take you to this following screen, 

Please enter the data as necessary. And click sign in.

The connection will take the correct accounting period data and import your trial balance as below

The first time you import the TB you will have to map the account codes you use in Xero or QuickBooks to Capium's account codes.

Please click to import the TB.

Once this is in the system, Capium will remember the previous mapped codes and automatically assign the account codes to your next TB import.

This screengrab below shows the account codes pre selected. The only account code to fill in here is a new account code compared to last years TB

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