This article will provide a walkthrough of setting up the Accounts Production module and go over how you can use it to submit your annual accounts to Companies House. 

Help guide:

Understanding the dashboard:


The dashboard will show you an overview of the information that is currently within the module. You will be able to see the number of annual accounts that have been submitted from Capium in the last 12 months, as well as see the number of accounts that are due and overdue. 

To start creating a set of annual accounts, go into a clients account from the client list by simply clicking on their name. 

Authorisation Codes

When submitting the annual accounts, the system will require an authorisation code in order for you to send the return to Companies House. To update this on the software please navigate to Accounts Production > Authorisation codes.

General Settings

The general settings is where you have the ability to change the format of your reports on a global level. This means that any changes that are done here will be reflected in all annual accounts created for your clients.

Please refer to this link to look at how to edit the general settings.

Creating a set of annual accounts:

Creating a trial balance


The first step is to create a trial balance. To do this, use the navigation panel on the left hand side to go to 'Task' >> 'Trial Balance'. From there click on '+ Trial Balance'. 

You will then be able to choose the accounting period and the mode of import for the trial balance. 

If you haven't already created an accounting period, you can do so by going into Settings >> Accounting Periods >> + Accounting Period 

The different modes of import are as follows:

Bookkeeping: This will bring the bookkeeping information from Capium's Bookkeeping module 

CSV: This will allow you to import a trial balance using a CSV template 

Manual: This will give you the ability to create a trial balance from scratch

QuickBooks: This will allow you to import a trial balance from QuickBooks

Xero: This will allow you to import a trial balance from Xero 

Creating the annual account

From the navigation panel, go to Reports >> Annual Accounts >>click on '+ Add New Report'.

You can then fill in the information accordingly

Capium will create a set of annual accounts that have automatically been IXBRL tagged.

Editing the layout of the annual accounts: 

Capium comes with the ability for you to edit the layout of the annual accounts. To do so, please navigate to Settings>>Report Setting. This will open a drop down menu with different options for you to edit the accounts.

Submitting the annual accounts: 

To submit the annual account you have created, go into Tasks >> Submit >> + Submit Accounts.

You will then go through Capium's four step submission process:

1. Validate Report: The system will read your annual account and flag up any errors that have been identified. If so, click on the 'Resolve' button which will take you to the relevant section in the module where you can make the amendments. 

After resolving the errors, you will be allowed to proceed to the next step.

2. Verify Report: You may preview the Report which is to be submitted to Companies House for any final checks.

3. Gateway Details: Here details of Companies House login are to be filled.

4. Submit Accounts: Once you are logged in to Companies House all the accounts and reports to be submitted is to be reviewed and then submitted to Companies House.

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