Payroll dashboard >> Bulk Payroll >> Select clients >> Choose the payroll run date and the date when the system should submit the FPS 

Video Tutorial:

Click here to watch how to set up bulk payroll

Help guide:

The bulk payroll feature will allow you to automate payroll and payslip submissions for those employees / directors who have a static wage. 

To get this set up go into the automated settings and add the employees you would like to automate. 

On the payroll dashboard click on bulk payroll. Then go into the automation setting on the left hand panel. 

Click on '+Client'.

Select the clients you want to add to the automation by clicking on '>>', and then save.

You will then see clients added to the list as shown below.


Now that the clients have been added, we can manage when their payrolls / payslips should be automated.
Simply select the employees and click on 'Manage Schedule'.

Fill in the details bellow according to when the submissions should be made.

Payroll Run Date = when Capium will process the payroll

Submission Date = the date when the FPS will be submitted 

Pay Date = this is when the employees will be paid 

Notify to (All Process) = You can select who you want to notify when the payrolls have been submitted. Selecting this will send the payroll summary and periodic tax and NI report to the client. 

Notify to (After Submission) = selecting this will automatically send the payslips to the employees