This article will give a walkthrough of how to create a set of corporation taxes and submit them to HMRC. You will also find instructions on how to reflect your tax computations back into your annual accounts. 

Video Tutorial:

Click here to watch how to create and submit a Corporation Tax Return from Capium

Help guide:

Creating the tax return

To create a CT600 select a customer from the dashboard and then go into Tasks >> Create CT600 >> click on '+ Create CT600'.

In order to create a corporation tax return on Capium you will need a set of IXBRL tagged annual accounts. You can either import this from accounts production or import a pre generated set of accounts from a third party.       

Accounts Production - Using the full accounts generated from accounts production.

Manual - Using a set IXBRL tagged accounts that have been generated from a third party.

Importing from Accounts Production

When creating the CT600 choose 'Accounts Production' as the mode of import.

You will then be able to select the annual account that has been generated. 

You will then see the quick entry menu with your annual accounts attached in the reports section.

Manually importing a set of annual accounts

When creating the CT600 choose 'Manual' as the mode of import.

You will then be able to select the accounting period fort the CT600.


Note: You can create an accounting period from Settings >> Accounting Period >> + Accounting Period 

You will be able to attach the annual accounts by clicking on 'File Attachment'.

Using the calculators to add data into the CT600

You can use the calculators to add or edit the information that has been picked up from the annual accounts. 

To learn more about how to use the calculators, click on this link.

Navigating the Main Form

From the top of the page, you will be able to go into the Main Form which is a breakdown of the entire CT600.

The system will automatically enter the data from the quick entry into the main form. The system will allow you to make changes directly onto the form itself. 

Adding supplementary pages 

From the main form, go into page 2. 

You will then see a selection of the supplementary pages you can add.

You can go into each page to update the information.  

Submitting the CT600

To submit the corporation tax return, go into Tasks >> Submit >> + Submit CT600.

You will then go through Capium's four step submission process:

1. Verify form : You may preview the return which is to be submitted to HMRC for final checks. 

2. Verify Accounts: This will show any errors that have been identified in your annual accounts and how to 

3. Gateway Details: Here details of HMRC login are to be filled.

4. Submit CT600: Once you the User ID and Password is entered, you will be able to submit your CT600

Updating the tax computation in the annual accounts

Once you have created a your corporation tax, you will be able to reflect the tax computation in the annual accounts. 

Go into Tasks >> CT600 Returns >> click on 'in progress' 

You can then change the status to 'Complete' and choose to update the corporation tax in your trial balance.

Go back into accounts production to update the annual account. 

Accounts production >> Client profile >> Reports >> Annual Accounts >> Select the report >> Click on 'Regenerate'